Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Story

I thought it would be a good idea to start this blog off with my personal pain story.

I began experiencing pain in my neck in college. I thought it was due to the incredible amount of stress I was under with all of the papers, exams, and presentations I had to do, coupled with the fact that I was double majoring. However, my pain continued after I graduated college and went to graduate school.

My pain eventually left my neck and started being present in my right shoulder and arm. My doctor at the time thought that I may have a pinched nerve in my neck, so he sent me to a specialist who performed a nerve conduction study on me. We discovered I did not have a pinched nerve.

My doctor decided to check and see if I had a problem with my cervical spine. However, again, we discovered there were no problems in my cervical spine.

At this point, I began having pain all over my body. I finally put two and two together. A few of my family members have Fibromyalgia, and while I really did not want to be faced with this diagnosis, I asked my doctor if I could possibly have the condition. He did a quick test and told me that he thought I had Fibromyalgia. He wanted to get a hematologist's opinion, though, so he sent me to a clinic where I was examined more thoroughly.

At the clinic, a hematologist took numerous x-rays of my body and told me that I did not have any signs of arthritis. Next, he performed a test called the trigger point test on me, and found out that I have 15 or 16 out of the possible 18 trigger points individuals with Fibromyalgia have.

My Fibromyalgia diagnosis was confirmed a little over two years ago, and since then, I have learned a lot about pain. I truly hope that my blog can help you, no matter what kind of pain you suffer from.

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