Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Anxious About Doctor's Appointment

I am feeling extremely anxious about my second appointment with a psychiatrist. My first appointment was absolutely horrible as this woman did not listen to or acknowledge anything that I was saying. I tried all of her horrible suggestions (I knew they were bad because I have a decent knowledge of psych meds) and proved that they were bad suggestions. I am very upset with her and the danger she put me in with my meds. She did cause me to experience Serotonin Syndrome for the third time in my life and honestly, I needed to visit an emergency room, but didn't want to burden my local friends with it. I am very upset and irritated and angry with this woman and I still have no idea how I will handle this situation later today.

I'm sure that many of you with chronic pain can relate to how I am feeling. I have heard story after story where doctors refuse to acknowledge and/or treat chronic pain. Thankfully, I have not had that experience with my chronic pain, but I have with other doctors. How do you handle a doctor who refuses to listen to you and acknowledge what you're saying?

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